PhD Theses

(Updated August 2020)

A key indication of the vitality of the study of Africa in the ACT is the number of PhD theses produced in the territory’s universities. This page offers a list of Africa-related PhD theses from the Australian National University and the University of Canberra.

Abstracts or full texts can be accessed via the ANU’s Open Access Theses database, or via UC’s Research Portal. Once again we see that the vast majority of research on Africa is carried out by disciplinary experts, not area studies specialists, and the study of Africa is therefore woven into the everyday research culture of the universities in ways that are not always apparent. Note that all theses below are from the ANU unless indicated. We are working on indexing UNSW Canberra / ADFA theses, and details of any theses that have been omitted may be emailed to Ibrahim Abraham.


Wen, Meizhen.
Arab Traders Pursuing Chinese Dream in East China


Alene, Kefyalew.
Epidemiology of tuberculosis and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Ethiopia and China

Fynn Bruey, Veronica Patience.
Systematic Gender Violence and the Rule of Law: Aboriginal Communities in Australia and Post-War Liberia


Beyongo, Mukete Dynamic.
Regulating Foreign Direct Investments in Resource-Dependent African Countries: The case of Chinese Investments in Zambia’s Copper Mining Sector

Genauer, Jessica.
Rebuilding Contested States: A comparative study of institutional design during political transition in Egypt, Iraq, Libya, & Tunisia

Manero, Ana.
Water distribution within smallholder irrigation schemes in Tanzania and its implications for economic inequality


Osei, Vida.
Human resource management practices by SME owners in Ghana: Factors constraining success and how they could be addressed (University of Canberra)

Uwalaka, Temple.
Mobile internet and the rise of digital activism among university students in Nigeria (University of Canberra)

Weldeegzie, Samuel.
Empirical essays on childhood human capital in Ethiopia


Abonyi, Usman.
Professional development, instructional leadership, and learning transfer systems of leaders in Ghanaian basic schools (University of Canberra)

Chalmers, Shane Paul.
Law’s Rule: Liberia and the Rule of Law

Pijovic, Nikola.
From Howard to Abbott: Explaining change in Australia’s foreign policy Engagement with Africa

Santikajaya, Awidya.
‚ÄėDancing among elephants‚Äô: Framing the rise of Indonesia, South Africa and Turkey (2000-2015) by applying analytic eclecticism to the concept of pivot state

Zwangobani, Kirk.
Convivial multiculture and the perplication of race: The dynamics of becoming African Australian


Devereux, Linda.
Narrating a congo missionary childhood (1958 – 1964).

Hassenforder, Emeline.
Participatory planning, evaluation and institutional dynamics in African Natural Resource Management.

Olwan, Gus.
Building capacity in the parliaments of Jordan and Morocco: An institutional approach (University of Canberra)

Puteho, Puteho Cletius.
Critical assessment of the Australian settlement process: Case study of the African humanitarian entrants in Australia (University of Canberra)


Janecke, Wille.
A tree is not a tree without its leaves… Exploring integration and belonging among South Sudanese Australians in Canberra.

Lindley, Jade Alice.
Somali piracy, 2002 – 2011 : the convergence of routine activity theory and regulatory pluralism

Losoncz, Ibolya.
Absence of respect: South Sudanese experiences of Australian social institutions.

MacFarlane, Kevin.
The Ecology and Management of Kalahari lions in a Conflict Area in Central Botswana

Molosiwa, Dintle Senanto.
Trust and the utilization of maternal and child health services in the context of hiv/aids in Palapye, Botswana

Paige, Tamsin.
The role of the law in the rise and fall of piracy.


Dalley, Hamish.
Postcolonialism and the Historical Novel, Allegorical Realism and Contemporary Literature of the Past in Nigeria, Australia, and New Zealand.

Okai-Davies, Kabu.
Curfew’s children: A memoir about childhood and coming of age in Ghana (University of Canberra)

Wadeisa, Ghada Mohamed.
The caliph, the imam and the mates.

Wolfson, Julia.
Snakes and ladders: emergence of deep power in transformational change.


Agyei, Kwame.
The implications of land tenure and benefit sharing approaches on the REDD+ scheme for forest fringe communities in Ghana.

Carter, Alecia Jillian.
Personality in agama lizards and chacma baboons : methodological considerations across taxa.

Cerutti, Paolo Omar.
Governing natural resources: the case of illegal forest activities in Cameroon.

Hattersley, Libby.
A nutrition-oriented global value chain approach to inform diet-related chronic disease prevention in Australia.

Hobbs. Harry Orr.
The Security Council and the complementary regime of the International Criminal Court: lessons from Libya.

Lee, Joanne Elizabeth.
The international criminal court state cooperation regime: current controversies in historical and theoretical context.

Wasswa, Francis.
Multidimensional child poverty and its determinants: A case of Uganda (University of Canberra)


Davidson, Nigel Joseph.
The lion that didn’t roar: can regulatory theory save the Kimberley process?

Garnaut, Anthony Hayden.
The Shaykh of the great northwest: the religious and political life of Ma Yuanzhang (1853-1920).

Pittock, James.
Integrating management of freshwater ecosystems and climate change.

Regan, Christine.
The Rimbaud of Leeds: a contextual study of the politics of Tony Harrison’s poetry 1970-1985.


Khoza, Christine.
Reliability of death registration in South Africa: a case study.

Leach, Justin Doherty.
The tenuous roots of peace: analyzing Sudan’s attempts at conflict resolution.

Levy, Wendy Priscilla.
The politics of governance in post-war Sudan: problems and prospects for a unified state.

Musyoki, Nzilu,
Microfinance and business development service linkages: synergies for micro and small enterprise development in Kenya.

Simm, Gabrielle Anne.
Peacekeeping sex: a feminist regulatory framework.

Suich, Catherine.
The elephant in the room: the impact on poverty of wildlife-focussed community based natural resource management. The Tchuma Tchato project, Mozambique and Kwandu Conservancy, Namibia.


Argue, Deborah Dawn.
The genus Homo in the early Pleistocene of Africa and Europe.

Grenfell, Laura.
The relationship between legal pluralism and the rule of law in South Africa and Timor-Leste.

Mackay, Alex.
History and selection in the late pleistocene archaeology of the Western Cape, South Africa.

Sethibe, Abraham.
Impediments to the development of stock markets in the Southern African development community.


Bodulovic, Greg.
An evaluation of the case for the adoption of agricultural biotechnology in Africa: the benefits, the objections and a way forward.

Craft, Hugh.
Between the idea and the reality: Commonwealth diplomacy in a changing global order.(South Africa, Zimbabwe, Fiji.)

Garretson, Anna.
Unsettling fictions: contemporary white writing from South Africa and Australia.

Kimani, Nicholas Ndegwa.
Environmental governance in East Africa: explanatory and normative dimensions.

Mutombo, Namuunda.
A matter of life or death: an analysis of factors associated with HIV testing in Zambia.


Al-Mawali, Nasser.
Country-specific determinants of vertical and horizontal intra-industry trade: an empirical analysis of South Africa (University of Canberra)

Bhattacharyya, Sambit.
Theory and empirics of root causes of economic progress.

Maroya, Alex.
The legacy of the British imperial frontier.

Quirk, Alex.
The Anti-slavery project : bridging the historical and contemporary

Somi, Masha Firyandiaana.
Vicious cycles between health and wealth: evidence from the relationship between socioeconomic status and malaria in rural Tanzania.


Amuzu, Evershed Kwasi.
Ewe-English codeswitching: a case of composite rather than classic codeswitching.

Kebonang, Zein.
Reinventing African leadership: the case of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development and foreign direct investment.

Levy, Wendy.
Civil conflict and identity in Sudan.

Silwamba, Simon.
Inclusive education in Zambia : the Kalulushi trial inclusive program
(University of Canberra)


Mokomane, Zitha S.
No rings attached: an exploration of the levels, correlates and sociodemographic implications of cohabitation in Botswana.

Van der Spek, Kees.
Making a living in the City of the Dead: history, life and work at al-Hurubat in the Necropolis of Thebes, al-Qurna, Luxor.


Arnaldo, Carlos.
Fertility and its proximate determinants is Mozambique: an analysis of levels, trends, differentials and regional variation.

Foskey, Deborah.
Changing the world or reacting to a changed world?: the global politics of population after the International Conference on Population and Development.

Munn, Julie.
The impact of injuries on free-living chimpanzees: how injury effects the social behaviour, mother-dependant behaviour and the locomotion of adult female chimpanzees from the Sonso community, Budongo Forest Reserve, Uganda.


Chimbutane, Feliciano.
Grammatical functions in Changana: types, properties and function alternations.

Desaubin, France.
Politics and strategy of the labour movement in South Africa: a crisis of “strategic” and “social”.

Fisher, Josephine Lucy.
Pioneers, settlers, aliens, exiles: the decolonisation of white identity in Zimbabwe.


Carolyn, Louise.
Biology and conservation of the Cape (South African) fur seal arctocephalus pusillus pusillus (Pinnipedia: Otariidae) from the Eastern Cape Coast of South Africa.

Dodds, Shona Elizabeth Helen.
The role of multilateralism and the UN in post-cold war U.S. foreign policy: the Persian Gulf, Somalia, Haiti, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Kinfu, Yohannes.
The quite [sic] revolution: an analysis of the change toward below-replacement-level fertility in Addis Ababa.


Barraclough, Steven.
Responses to satellite television in Pakistan, Iran and Egypt.

Malungo, J. R. S.
Sexual behaviour and networking in the era of HIV/Aids: continuity and changes in socio-economic and cultural aspects in Southern Province of Zambia.

Avong, Helen Nene.
Religion and the fertility behaviour of the Atyap, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Gray, Matthew Barry.
The relationship between economic liberalisation and tourism in the contemporary Middle East: a comparative political economy study of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan.

Muange, Vincent Mutua.
Sexual networking and response to HIV?AIDS among the Luo of Kisumu District, Kenya.

Pitso, Joseph M. N.
Marriage and non-marital childbearing in Botswana: the case of Thamaga village.

Ikamari, Lawrence D. E.
Factors affecting child survival in Kenya.

Nakiyingi, Jessica Sendegeya.
Population composition and change in an HIV infected rural Ugandan community.

Oni, Jacon Bamidele.
Family structure and treatment of child illness in Yoruba households, Ekiti District, Nigeria.

Jhamba, Tapiwa.
Infant and child mortality in Zimbabwe: an analysis of levels, trends, differentials and determinants.

O’Toole, Josephine.
Reproductive tract infections and women’s reproductive health in Ado-Ekiti, Southwest Nigeria.

Richardson, Benjamin James.
The place of local institutions in environmental management: a study of property rights and local government in relation to wetlands in Kenya, Uganda, and Fiji.

Amenuvegbe, Benjamin E.
Reproductive change in Ghana: evidence from two national surveys.

Dugbaza, Tetteh.
The sociodemographic correlates of birth intervals in Ghana.

McMurray, Christine.
Child mortality and growth attainment in Burundi, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Adetunji, Jacob Ayodele.
Infant mortality and childhood nutrition in Ondo State, Nigeria: their correlates and socio-cultural explanations.

Alves, Maria Tereza F. T.
Factors affecting performance of eucalyptus and other species.

Omaji, Paul Omojo.
Labour law in Australia and Nigeria: a comparative study in the sociology of legislation.

Walker, Dennis Patrick.
Supra-Egyptian Islamic and pan-Arab identities and acculturated Muslim Egyptian intellectuals, 1892-1952.

Woldekidan, Berhanu.
Mauritius: an export-led economic success.

Cheboiwo, Joshua Kiplongei.
Socio-economic issues in rural afforestation in Kenya.

King, Ralph.
Egypt’s foreign policy in the decade after Camp David: an interpretation.

Mukangara, Rivelo.
The anti-dependence strategy of development: an evaluation of the theories and the strategy with reference to Tanzania 1961-1981.

Habtemariam, Tesfaghiorghis.
Fertility and infertility in Ethiopia.

Sizani, Richard Khaliphile.
Selected aspects of the South African fisheries policy.

Shadur, Mark A.
Labour relations in Zimbabwe, 1980-1987.

Tekle, Alemtsehay.
A study of fertility and child mortality in Illubabor and Wollo, Rural Ethiopia.

Yohannes, Aynalem G.
Differentials in child morbidity and utilization of health facilties [i.e. facilities] in rural Ethiopia. 

Daba, Genet.
Rural labour force in Ethiopia.

Genet, Mengistu.
Fertility and child mortality in rural Ethiopia: a comparative study of selected regions Gondar and Hararge.

Lian, Francis Jana.
Farmers’ perceptions and economic change – the case of Kenyah farmers of the fourth division, Sarawak.

Mbamanya, Joseph.
Regional fertility variations in Kenya.

Momba, Daisy D.
Infant and child mortality differentials in the southern region of Malawi.

Wamugunda, B. G.
Economic feasibility of a second pulpmill in Kenya.

Amoo-Appau, Kwaku.
Fertility differentials and determinants in Ghana: 1979/80.

Mugambwa, J. T.
Evolution of British legal authority in Uganda with special emphasis on Buganda: 1890-1938.

Nowa,. J. H.
Fertility and the use of birthspacing methods in Malawi: an exploratory study of Mzimba district.

Pangemanan, Elvira E. R. S.
The perceived value of children among the Sudanese and Javanese.

Stephan, Bertrum Magani Bud.
The development and significance of smallholder tea growing in Tanzania.

Etuk, Boniface Dan.
Agricultural credit in Nigeria: a case study in the Cross River state.

Jelaludin, Ahmed.
Polygyny and fertility differentials among the Yoruba of Western Nigera.

Kilahama, Felician B. R.
Wood as a source of energy for domestic uses in Tanzania.

Mzee, Omar Yussuf.
Fertility differentials of the rural and urban Wa-Sukuma in Mwanza region – Tanzania.

Stevens, Bron.
President Carter and the Egypt-Israeli rapprochement.

Woldekidan, Berhanu.
Resource allocation in traditional agriculture in the Ethiopian highlands: a case study.

Abdalla, Ali Abdelrazig.
Supply response of cotton between the government and the growers in the Sudan.

Shava, Joyce.
South Africa’s foreign policy options in Southern Africa.

Yainshet, Alasebu.
Terms of trade for coffee and economic performance of Ethiopia.

Achanfuo-Yeboah, David Joe.
Estimating future first cycle school enrolments for Ghana.

Eltahir, Mohamed Eltahir.
Development and labour force in the Sudan, 1955-56 – 2003.

Hamid, Abdul Rahman.
Export instability and its impact on economic growth of the Sudan.

Jeng, Momodou S.
Fertility levels, differentials and patterns in the Gambia: an analysis based on 1973 census.

Tsamenyi, Martin B.
Regime failure and the political legitimacy of governments in Ghana: the case of the Acheampong regime, 1972-1979.

Fondzenyuy, John Lukong.
The conventional approach to labour force analysis with special reference to education: (an assessment from the 1976 Cameroonian population census).

Mezue, Chike Celestine.
Value of children among the Yoruba of Western and Lagos states of Nigeria: some rural-urban differentials.

Wallace-Bruce, Nii Lante.
The South African Bantustans and statehood in international law.

Adam, Abbas Younis.
Population projections for the Sudan, 1973-2003.

Kaale, B. K.
Planning guidelines for village afforestation in Tanzania.

Mzite, David J. K.
A demographic profile of Zimbabwe.

Neal, Stephen.
A colonial dilemma: British policy and the colonial economy of Tanganyika 1918-1938.

Warner, Nick.
Times of darkness: ethnicity and the causes of division within the Rhodesian guerrilla groups.

Awusabo-Asare, Kofi.
Estimating fertility and childhood mortality for the western region of Ghana from pregnancy history.

Blay, Sam.
Self-determination in modern Africa: the case of Eritrea.

Byamugisha, Fulgence K.
The rehabilitation of the economy of Uganda: internal and external balance.

Geria, Harry Moses.
An analysis of urban structural and demographic characteristics in East Africa: a comparative study.

Mamud, S. A.
Demographic dynamics in rural Northern Nigeria: a case study of Gimba, Kaduna State.

O’Faircheallaigh, Ciaran.
The role of foreign investment in mineral development: a comparative analysis.

Gerritsen, Rolf.
Groups, classes and peasant politics in Ghana and Papua New Guinea.

Richard, Joseph.
The beginnings of family limitation in the tree town of the Sudan.

Addo, Seth Kenneth Lartey.
Some neglected issues in the economic analysis of agricultural project management in Ghana.

Katcha, Abubakar.
An exploratory demographic study of the Nupe of Niger State: the case of Sakpe village.

Oluoch, Kosura Willis Aggrey.
The analysis of labour utilization in smallholder tea farms in Kenya.

Indyk, Martin Sean.
The politics of patronage: Israel and Egypt between the superpowers 1962-1973.

Okore, Augustine O.
The value of children among Ibo households in Nigeria: a study of Arochukwu Division and urban Umuahia in Imo State.

Orubuloye, Israel Olatunji.
Fertility, sexual abstinence and contraception among the Yoruba of Western Nigeria: a study of selected rural communities in Ekiti and Ibadan divisions.

Sembajwe, Israel Serwano Lubwama.
Fertility and child mortality levels among the Yoruba of Western Nigeria.

Honu, Bright.
Economic interactions in Ghana: a study of sectoral interdependence and linkages.

Robinson, Ashton Scott.
The emergence of the Bechuanaland Protectorate 1835-1885.

Santow, Marjorie Gisela.
A microsimulation model of human fertility: theory and applications to the Yoruba of Western Nigeria.

Danso, Lawrence Kwadjo.
Management of the Ghana tropical high forests: evaluation of forest management in the Ghana tropical high forests.

Doran, M. H.
A simulation model of rural-urban migration in Kenya.

Guri, Sanni.
The Ghana Cocoa Marketing Board: conflicts of interest.

Woldekian, Negga.
Small farmer credit and tenurial problems in Ethiopia.

Kariuki, Mathu Samuel.
Economies of scale and economic efficiency among the co-operative coffee factores of Kirinyaga District, Central Kenya.

Gaisie, Samuel Kwesi.
Determinants of population growth in Ghana.

Brophy, Gillian Mary.
African socialism: the theory and practice of Kwame Nkrumah.

Moss, Robert John.
To move a continent: Kwame Nkrumah’s role in African affairs, 1957-1966.

Ejiogu, Charles Nwanna.
African migrants in Lagos suburbs: a demographic and socio-economic survey of rural-urban migration in the main migrant areas of the Federal Territory of Lagos, Nigeria.

Ohadike, Patrick Onyemaechi.
Patterns and variations in fertility and family formation: a study of urban Africans in Lagos, Nigeria.

Kolbe, Peter.
Geochemical investigation of granodiorites and granites, with reference to the Snowy Mountains granites, Australia, and the Cape granite, South Africa.

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