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(Updated August 2020)

Experts on Africa in the ACT who are not currently listed on the ACT Africa Expert Directory are welcome to contact Ibrahim Abraham, the Principal Investigator of the project to increase awareness of Africa and African studies in the ANU and the ACT. Please list your disciplinary area(s) of expertise, African region(s) of expertise and a very brief (max 50 word) bio indicating your activities, position and qualifications.

Notices and reports about Africa-related public events in the ACT, including lecturers, film-screenings, exhibitions, concerts and festivals are very welcome, as are notices about relevant conferences, scholarship and grant opportunities around Australia.

We would also like to receive updates about new research projects and publications by ACT-based experts, especially PhD students.

Non-political opinion articles about the study of Africa and Australia-Africa relations are also very welcome.

This website is maintained by Dr Ibrahim Abraham, Associate Professor Karima Laachir and Dr David Lucas (all ANU). It was created in 2013 by Dr Lucas and thoroughly renovated in 2020 by Dr Abraham.

Prospective contributions can be sent to Dr Ibrahim Abraham.



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