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“We, the African Students studying at the Australian National University, acknowledge the unique privilege we enjoy as scholars of the ANU, and the responsibility entrusted upon us individually and collectively to be ambassador/s of the continent of Africa.

Our shared historical experiences, rich cultural heritage, values, aspirations and geographic location have drawn us into a common identity as citizens of Africa irrespective of our nationality, creed, tradition, or ethnicity.

ANUASA aims to reach out to all African students at the ANU and assist them with settling down in Canberra, and also provide a platform where African students can meet and discuss issues of concern.

As this is a student forum for the purpose of sharing and discussing all things African, please refrain from posting general advertisements/job listings on this page.”

The current Executive (2017):

– President: Adegboyega Adeniran
– Vice President: Chernor Bangura
– Secretary: Emily Wakesho
– Assistant Secretary: Thabani Zondo
– Treasurer: Wellington Barchue
– Public Relations Officer: Prisca Ochan

The Australian National University African Students Association (ANUASA), established in 2009, is a pan-African student association comprising of African students and other associates at the Australian National University (ANU). The overarching objective of the association is to effectively assist and represent African students at the ANU with their academic and non-academic interests as a means of supporting a conducive environment for study and stay in Canberra. ANUASA also serves to accentuate the positive values and image of the African continent to the Australian public, and the Asia-Pacific region.

ANUASA is an affiliate of the Australian National University Students Association (ANUSA). All power and authority of ANUASA is inherent in the general membership of the Association, guided and informed by its Strategic Plan and Constitution. However, for the purposes of administration and coordination, there is established a Board of Advisors, an elected Executive Committee, and standing committees.

Information on the current Executive Committee representatives can be found here.





C/-ANU Students Assocication Students’ Faculties Building 17a

Australian National University ANU

Canberra ACT 0200

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