Belle Low’s funeral

The obituary of former ANU Vice-Chancellor Anthony Low was published on this weblog of 28/11/2015:

‘Anthony’s illustrious academic career began in 1951 as a Lecturer at Makerere College, University of East Africa. While undertaking archival research in Zanzibar he met Isobel Smail who was nursing in the Protectorate and was proficient in Swahili. They were married in Zanzibar Cathedral in 1952, celebrating their 60th anniversary in 2012.’

Belle Low was one of the last connections with the generation of Africanists that flourished in Canberra post-War.

Her funeral service will be at St John’s, Constitution Avenue, Reid, ACT, at 10.30, Friday 4th December’

The service will be livestreamed and the
the link is: