A History of the Impact of the Mining Boom in Zambia

Margaret O’Callaghan has posted her manuscript Copperfields: A History of the Impact of the First Decade of a Mining Boom in North Western Province Zambia, circa 2002-2015 online for free download.

“It has been a privilege to complete this task, although I know that not all will agree with my comments and some may even be offended,” O’Callaghan writes in the preface. “But as the North Western proverb says: ‘Mweenyi waleeta mupenyi waatwa’ (‘a visitor brings a sharp knife’).”


International Alumna of the Year Award – Angella Ndaka

Congratulations to Angella Ndaka, who has been awarded the 2020 ANU International Alumna of the Year Award for her important contribution to gender and social inclusion in Kenya.

After graduating from ANU in 2015, Angella formed the team that set up the Women in Leadership Network (WILN)-Kenya chapter. She is the current chairperson of the network and has led three Women in Leadership grants that have empowered women and girls in rural communities in Kenya.

Watch a video here.

Caldwell Fellowship 2020 for Early Career African Researcher

In 2020, the Caldwell Fellowship will support one early career African researcher to undertake research at the ANU for a one-year period. The position will be based within the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health in the Research School of Population Health, undertaking research related to the effects of climate change (including other environmental changes such as air pollution and urbanisation) on human health. The Fellowship will fund travel to and from the ANU, and salary for a level B academic.

For more details see https://rsss.cass.anu.edu.au/news/caldwell-visiting-fellowship-2020-call-applications



ANUASA team for 2020

President : Jonathan Chikankheni *
Vice President: Aisha Setipa
Secretary: Nwaobi Sandra
Treasurer: Balkissa Gambo Illo Daoura

ANUASA’s email address is anuasateam@gmail.com and its facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/anuafricanstudents/?epa=SEARCH_BOX

*Jonathan Chikankheni is a Master of Environment student at the Fenner School with expertise in irrigation and drainage research. His current research is on exploring the benefits of simple soil water and nutrient monitoring tools as an adaptive management in smallholder irrigation schemes in Malawi.

All Public Events Cancelled at ANU

As a precautionary measure and based upon the advice from our expert panel, we will cancel all public and social events from Monday 16 March until the end of semester one, Saturday 20 June. This is a precautionary measure that we know will be disappointing for many, but our aim is to reduce opportunities for the virus to spread by limiting activity on campus without disrupting our essential teaching and research activities. 

Cancellation and postponement will extend to all discretionary events including ticketed and non-ticketed public events, public lectures and concerts.

Essential activities related to teaching and research, including tutorials, lectures, staff meetings and community services like childcare and cafes will continue as normal at this stage. 


From the Commonwealth Day Celebration Committee


The Commonwealth Day Celebration Committee is conducting its annual Multifaith Celebration on Monday 9 March 2020 at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture.

The celebration commences at 11 am at the chapel of the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture (15 Blackall Street, Barton) and will involve leaders from all of the major religions as well as cultural performances representing various Commonwealth countries. The Queen’s Commonwealth Day message will be read by His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd.). Representatives of Commonwealth and Territory governments, Commonwealth High Commissions and religious leaders of many faiths will participate.

The theme for this year’s Commonwealth Day Celebration is Climate Action and the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth is made up of 54 nations and is home to 2 billion people, a quarter of the world. The Commonwealth celebrates valued relationships between its nations who share common ideals in democratic governance, adherence to freedom and acknowledgement of diversity.

It is open to all to attend.

Attendees should ensure that they are present from 10.45am. Adequate onsite parking is available.

For further information:
Terry Walls, Promotion and Media, Commonwealth Day Celebration Committee
Ph: 0407 065 570 Email: terry.walls@solutionsfocussed.com.au


‘The African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific (AFSAAP) is a national network of academics, students, consultants, activists, diplomats, artists, community leaders, and others who share a mutual interest in the promotion of African Studies in Australasia and the Pacific region.’
For more about AFSAAP see https://afsaap.org.au/

AFSAAP holds an annual conference, see https://afsaap.org.au/conference/dunedin-2019/

Here is recent correspondence about the 2020 event from the organiser;

“Dear All,

It is planned to hold the African Studies Conference (AFSAAP) in the first week of December 2020 at UNE in Armidale or Parramatta.

We would like to choose Armidale, but we need the moral support of local African academics or academics with an interest in Africa plus the local African community.

The idea is to have a conference with a post-graduate student day and 2 days for academics plus some public events. Those of a more scientific bent would be encouraged to talk about the sociology of their topic e.g.social relationships amongst cattle breeders in Africa rather than cattle breeding per se.

Please contact me with any queries.

Best Wishes

Helen Ware”

Professor of Peace Studies,
School of Humanities,
University of New England,
Armidale NSW 2351