Belonging in a Cosmopolitan Society: Perspectives from African Migrants in the Diaspora

University of Melbourne, 12-14 March, 2020

‘Borders, Identities and Belonging have been at the centre of debates on the profound transformations wrought by globalisation. But perhaps the movement of people across geographical borders, and the transformative impact of the digital revolution that has ushered in the information age, are the most illustrative examples.’

African Studies Group( ASG) invites submissions for a paper
proposal to their inaugural conference titled Borders, Identities and Belonging in a Cosmopolitan Society: Perspectives from African Migrants in the Diaspora to be held on 12-14 March .

The ASG is an association of researchers with interests in African studies, which is hosted by the University of Melbourne .

Conference Themes
The Borders, Identities and Belonging conference will be organised around the following thematic questions:
1. The Concept of Home : What and where is home? Where, when and how do we feel a sense of ‘belonging’?
2. Relevance of Borders : How do borders permeate our social lives?
3. Digital Transformation : How have digital communication platforms transformed the concepts and experiences of borders, identity and belonging?
4. Multiculturalism and Integration : What are the experiences and prospects of multiculturalism in increasing our sense of belonging and social integration?

 Paper proposals related to the main themes of the conference are welcome with a deadline of 20 January, 2020, at 11:59 AEST .

They can be submitted on the online form or copy/paste the following link to your

A few travel bursaries are available for student applicants from within Australia.

More Information on the Conference is at

For inquiries please contact

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