Africa Studies coursework resumes at ANU after several decades

When the Development Studies major at was set up at ANU around 1981, regional specialisations included Africa, East Asia and SE Asia. John Ballard taught a course in Post-Colonial Politics in Africa and the Pacific and Ian Hancock taught one in African History. Also Geography and Anthropology courses had substantial African material although Geography later dropped its regional courses. Africa became unviable by the end of the 1980’s, when Ian and John moved to other courses.

POLS3030,  an undergraduate course offered in Second Semester, 2020 by the School of Politics and International Relations, seems to have started quite recently. The Course Convener is Dr Richard Frank.

Conflict and change in sub-Saharan Africa

 ‘This class explores the issues, ideas, and trends that shape the politics of sub-Saharan Africa, across almost 50 countries and a billion people. Unlike what often appears in the press, Africa is not all conflict, famine, and state collapse. This class offers an overview of both successful and unsuccessful cases of political and economic development in this region and seeks to answer a number of questions including: What are the legacies of colonial rule? Why do some African countries suffer political violence more frequently than other countries within Africa or without? Why has democracy been consolidated in certain African countries but regressed or collapsed in others? What accounts for the failures and successes of African countries’ economic development? How have international actors and events affected African politics and society?’


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