Research on Africa at the Crawford School, aNU


The Individual Deprivation Measure (IDM)
Helen Suich of the Crawford School leads the IDM country study in South Africa. Her research focuses on issues of poverty alleviation, examining the impacts of rural development interventions on multidimensional poverty and vulnerability. See
An international conference will be held in 2020.

State Fragility
By building on seven in-depth country case studies, three of which are in Africa (Burundi, Rwanda, Sierra Leone ) the other four being Afghanistan, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Papua New Guinea) and recent developments in the field, a 2019 panel discussed dimensions of state fragility and pathways that can help to escape fragility. This event is part of an ongoing research project on state fragility at the Development Policy Centre, Crawford School, ANU.

Livestock, aquaculture and sustainable food security policy
Robyn Alders is a senior consulting fellow with the Chatham House Centre on Global Health Security focusing on policy opportunities to support sustainable livestock and aquaculture strategy implementation and sustainable food and nutrition security. Robyn is also an honorary professor with the Development Policy Centre within the Australian National University. She is currently involved with a Chatham House research project in Nigeria. Also with Chatham House she’s involved with One Health Food Security Policy research. She is also the Chair of the Kyeema Foundation which has a regional office in Mozambique and development projects being implemented in Mozambique and Uganda.

Robyn has recently co-authored ‘The global institutional
landscape of food and agriculture’. Chatham House Discussion Paper 265,


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