Revised 13 May 2019

8 May, 2019, 6-8 pm,
Speaker: Prof Kwandiwe Kondlo, University of Johannesburg
Topic and Abstract The Myth + Reality of Nelson Mandela Venue.
Professor Kondlo followed this well- attended presentation with a discussion with the ANU African Studies Reading Group on May 9th about the South African elections.

10 May, 12.30 -2pm. Water in Africa—Transnational and Interdisciplinary Approaches (Wissing, Aderinan, Abraham). One of the highlights of this talk was a slide showing the scary shrinkage of Lake Chad


16 May. 4-5.30 p.m. Dr Beyongo Mukete Dynamic, ‘Regulating Chinese Investments in Africa’ (at the at the China in the World Centre)

16 May. 4-5pm. Banks Tea Room, Ground Floor, School of Archaeology and Anthropology. A 28 minute Screening of ‘Laamba’ a film about Senegalese wrestling preceded by a short introduction by Paul Hayes (

May. Africa Week Panel Discussion. ‘Africa is the future’. Contributions by diplomats and ANU students. POSTPONED Updates will be on

24 May. Chancellor Gareth Evans, ‘The right to protect’ in Africa’. 5-7.30 pm, Sir Rowland Wilson Building

30 May Dr Bonnie McConnell on African music (To be confirmed, see )

Senegalese Wrestling film


‘This film is the story of a 22 year old cattle herder and his
attempts to become a pro wrestler in Senegal. It’s a modern tale about fighting ones way out ofpoverty, and it’s the story of a sport filled with myths and voodoo rituals. Film Length: 28 minutes.
The film will be preceded by a brief introduction to the anthropology of wrestling by Paul Hayes,who recently completed fieldwork among the lesser-known Nuba wrestlers of Khartoum, Sudan.’

Paul is a PhD Candidate in Anthropology, The Australian National University.and Visiting Scholar/Associate Researcher, Centre for Social and Economic Research (CEDEJ), Khartoum.

Contacts ANU Anthropological Film Series Convenors:

Date and Time: Thursday 16 May, 4-5 pm

Venue: Banks Tea Room
Ground Floor
School of Archaeology & Anthropology, ANU