How bad government can ruin a country: the case of Zimbabwe


Speaker: David Gadiel is a Senior Fellow in the Health Program at The Centre for Independent Studies. He emigrated from Zimbabwe (then Southern Rhodesia) in the 1960s and is a former development economist.

Date & time:
Tuesday 30 October 2018
Seminar Room 2, Crawford School of Public Policy, 132 Lennox Crossing, ANU

“The history of Zimbabwe is a portrait of decay and mismanagement that ruined a once-thriving economy. With its sophisticated institutions, a stable banking system, a manufacturing base and a highly-capitalised farming industry, Zimbabwe inherited the richest, most developed land in Africa after South Africa. An economic history of Zimbabwe thereafter provides a classic example of how populism can trump reason; how readily world leaders who should have known better became so easily beguiled; and how a false god became a liberation icon to fellow African leaders. It is a sad story often neglected, partly because ‘optimists’ in the West, who had enthusiastically greeted the birth of Zimbabwe and the incumbency of Mugabe, became reluctant to accept their error.”

Ross McLeod, Seminar Convener

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