Australian Awards for Africa

Please note that the closing dates for 2018-2019 have past. For information only . Keep in view for 2019-2020.

Africa Australian Award Scholarships for Africa for 2018-2019: information from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

For Africa the following countries are included

Participating countries for 2019 entrance

Scholarships and Short Course Awards
 Botswana
 Ghana
 Kenya

 Madagascar
 Malawi
 Mauritius
 Mozambique
 Nigeria
 South Africa
 Tanzania
 Zambia

Short Course Awards Only
 Cameroon
 Cote d’Ivoire
 Ethiopia
 Namibia
 Rwanda
 Senegal
 Seychelles
 Somalia
 South Sudan
 Uganda
 Zimba

Africa at the Australian Population Association conference

Australian Population Association conference program will be held in Darwin from July 18-20. See

The draft program includes four African presentations:

‘The Transition of polygamy in Benin: explanatory factors and sources of changes in time.’
Robert Djogbenou

‘Sexual behaviour typologies in the context of the HIV epidemic: socio-demographic determinants in rural South Africa, 2010-2011.’
Brian Houle, Shao-Tzu Yu, Nicole Angotti, Enid Schatz, Chodziwadziwa Kabudula, Xavier Gómez-Olivé, Jane Menken & Sanyu Mojola

‘A mother’s death and child survival: a comparative analysis of two demographic surveillance sites in rural South Africa.’
Brian Houle, Chodziwadziwa Kabudula, Kobus Herbst & Samuel Clark

‘African-born people in Australia: what the 2016 Census tells us.’
Ingrid Tejada & Lev Makaev