Opposing Tyranny: Lessons from 50 years of the struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe

A presentation and book launch by David Coltart
Former Zimbabwe Senator and human rights lawyer

Date: Wednesday 9 August, 6:00pm
Refreshments served from 5:30pm

Venue: AIIA Conference Centre – Stephen House
32 Thesiger Court
Deakin ACT 2600

“Ever since Ian Smith unilaterally declared independence from Britain over 50 years ago on 11 November 1965, the country now known as Zimbabwe has been in turmoil. There were great hopes when Zimbabwe obtained its independence from Britain in 1980 that Robert Mugabe would steer the country down a new road of democracy and tolerance. However the last 37 years of Mugabe‚Äôs rule have been marked by violence, electoral fraud, corruption, abuse of power and the collapse of a once thriving economy.
Senator David Coltart was born in Zimbabwe in 1957 and has lived through this tumultuous period, eventually becoming Minister of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture in the government of national unity brokered by the AU and SADC in 2009. His recently published book The Struggle Continues: 50 Years of Tyranny in Zimbabwe sheds new light on why Zimbabwe remains in such an oppressed state. The presentation will draw on the lessons learnt by Coltart from his unique insider’s perspective as a human rights lawyer and opposition politician in Zimbabwe since 1983.”
The book will be launched by Matthew Neuhaus, First Assistant Secretary, Middle East and Africa Division, DFAT and former Australian Ambassador to Zimbabwe.


This is an AIIA ACT Branch event.

Registration is encouraged through the following link:

Registration is also available at the door.

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