Photography and Image Art in Ghana

A series presented by The ANU Visual Anthropology Forum

A lunchtime screening of
“Future Remembrance”
A film by Tobias Wendl & Nancy du Plessis

Subtitled “Photography and Image Art in Ghana,” Future Remembrance is a delightful documentary film about photography in a small Ghanaian fishing town. We learn about local photography from the photographers themselves, who take us into their studios and describe their work. “Beauty is our business.… If you don’t photograph yourself, when you have died, you have died forever. Nobody remembers you, nobody knows you. You are doing it for future remembrance.” During the course of the film we are introduced to other image arts such as advertising signs, funerary sculpture, and spectacularly-made coffins.

Thursday 11 May 2017
12:00 – 1:00
The Theatrette
Sir Roland Wilson Building
McCoy Circuit

Feel free to bring your lunch!