Africanists Return

Jo Ford returned to the ANU in July as an Associate Professor in the Law Department. His research interests include law, governance and development, especially¬† in Sub-Saharan Africa and his forthcoming book is on ‘Regulating Business for Peace’.

Jo¬†will teach an LLM course ‘Law and Governance in sub-Saharan Africa’ in 2016.

Welcome back after far too long to Caroline Ifeka, who is a Visiting Fellow in Archaeology and Anthropology and who has a special interest in West Africa.

Matthew and Angela Neuhaus have returned to Canberra after a four-year posting in Harare. Angela was born in Uganda while Sydney-born Matthew grew up in Tanzania. Matthew has also served in Nigeria and Kenya and is now the Assistant Secretary heading DFAT’s Africa Branch.

His replacement as Ambassador to Zimbabwe is Suzanne McCourt while Neil Hawkins became Ambassador to Egypt earlier this year.



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