The purpose of this blog is to raise the profile of Africa and Africans at the Australian National National University (ANU) and in the Australian Capital Territory. It will include sections on the ANU African Student Association (ANUASA), diplomatic missions in Canberra, research,  African organisations and businesses,  as well as reviews and comments on books, films and media interviews. When the blog is well established it is hoped that it can expand to become a website with broader coverage.

The blog was established in late 2013 by David Lucas, an adjunct Associate Professor at the ANU’s Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute. In March 2014 this became a joint effort with ANUASA who were initially represented by their President, Lawrence Mutimbu, and their Public Relations Officer, Evans Kyule. These three administer the blog.

They have received helpful advice from staff at the ANU’s Crawford School and from ANUASA    members, especially Thomas Kaydor.

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