Conference Proceedings (Online)

AFSAAP Perth 2013

Kenny, Christina.
‘The “liberatory value of indigenous institutions”?: Cultural practice as resistance in the British Colony of Kenya’.

Lucas, David and Edgar, Barbara.
‘Africans in Australia 2011: Their Demography and Human Capital’.

Shilla, Elibariki H.
‘Terrestrial Large Mammals as Indicator Species for Climate Change effects in Tanzania: Implications for Policy’.


AFSAAP Canberra 2012

Agyei, Kwame.
‘Towards Sustainable Climate Change mitigation in Ghana: Making the National REDD+ scheme pro-poor’.

Deinla, Imelda.
‘Fostering Rule of Law in African Integration: realities and contradictions’.

Edelstein, Ian.
‘Pan Africanist Congress of Azania’s (PAC) ideological outlook’.

Losonzc, Ibolya.
‘”We are thinking they are helping us, but they are destroying us.” – Repairing the legitimacy of Australian government authorities in the South Sudanese community’.


AFSAAP Adelaide 2011

Kenny, Christina.
‘I could never be your woman – Gendered citizenship and the 2007 General Election in Kenya’.

Lucas, David.
‘Multinationals and minnows: Australian companies operating in Africa’.

Lucas, David and Edgar, Barbara and Jamali, Monica.
‘Zimbabwe’s exodus to Australia’.

AFSAAP Brisbane 2009

O’Callaghan, Margaret.
‘Cape Town to Cairo in a ‘red’ cocoon’.

AFSAAP Melbourne 2008

Lucas, David.
‘An AFSAAP Renaissance?’.

AFSAAP Perth 2004

Kebonang, Zein.
‘The New Partnership for Africa’s Development: Promoting foreign direct investment through moral political leadership’.

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