Trade with Africa: Public Hearing

A Senate committee is currently inquiring into Australia’s trade and investment relationships with the countries of Africa.

The committee will hold a hearing in Canberra at Parliament House on 11 May. When it is ready, the program will be available on the committee website:

Submissions can be found at:

2 thoughts on “Trade with Africa: Public Hearing

  1. I am ending in June/July this year a 2-year Master of Public Policy program at the ANU. I am interested in knowing what trade links there are (if any) between Australia and Sierra Leone or countries in the sub-region and possibly what opportunities both countries stand to benefit from such existing or prospective links.

    • Dear Chernor,
      Austrade will be represented at tomorrow’s Public Hearings at 3pm.
      I think that The Autralian Bureau of Statistics publishes trade statistics on its website
      Otherwise try the DFAT or Austrade websites.
      Best wishes for the next few weeks of your course.
      David Lucas

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