Kirsty Wissing’s research on Water Sources in Ghana

Kirsty Wissing is a PhD student with the School of Culture, History and Language at the ANU. Her research looks at Indigenous religious affiliations to water sources and how introduced influences, including colonialism, Christianity and the hydro-power industry, have affected such affiliations. Her PhD field research will be conducted in the Eastern Region of Ghana and her thesis title is ‘Water is Life: Consistencies and Fluctuations in Religious Value Attributed to Water Sources in Ghana’.

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From the January 2018 Newsletter of the Africa Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific (AFSAAP):

‘Cherry Gertzel/AFSAAP Postgraduate Prize 2017

AFSAAP invited postgraduate essays for consideration for the Cherry Gertzel Postgraduate Essay for 2017. From all the brilliant entries received, Kirsty Wissing’s essay was judged to the best and thus claimed the Essay prize for 2017. The reviewers found that her paper entitled, ‘Environment as justice: Akwamu reflections on river justice in Ghana’, was original, insightful, interesting and well written, and based on primary research. Kirsty is a PhD student at the Australian National University. She is now working on submitting a revised version of the paper for consideration of publication to the editor of ARAS.’

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